Valentina Be was Born in Mantova, Italy, in 1984. In 2000 she signs a contract with Warner Music with her teen band. During the making of a video promo of one of their songs, she realises that she has chosen the wrong path. She prefers to stand behind the camera - not infront of it. When her contract ends, she decides to move to Rome to study film directing.

After finishing her studies she directs her first music video: a black and white tribute to Harmony Korine shot with an old Super8 Nizo.

In addition to music videos made during these years she also worked extensively on all kinds of audiovisual projects - tv commercials, virals, interactive video and Web content for clients such as Adidas, Samsung, Pirelli, Gucci, Audi, Unicef, Muller, Kartell, Heineken, Valentino.

Recently she made the first experience in Cinema Industry: Valentina directed the 2nd unit of the feature film “Tini: the new life of Violetta”; an international Disney production.