Paolo Ventura was born in Milan, Italy, in 1968.

He has been called one of the most interesting storytellers in the art world today – using photography to carefully construct his narratives.

Like all good narrators, Paolo Ventura was raised on stories. He recalls that his father, children’s book author and illustrator, “was always inventing stories for me and my brothers”. His grandmother’s stories of life during the Second World War had a great impact on his first work, War Souvenir, and they continue to resonate with his more recent bodies of work including Winter Stories, The Automaton and Behind the Walls.

Ventura’s work has been exhibited worldwide, including at the Venice Biennial and is part of major private and public collections including the Museum of Fine art in Boston, The Library of Congress and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

His most recent exhibition Obras de la Colección Cotroneo’ took place at the Sala Municipal de Exposiciones de San Benito in Valladoid, Spain in October 2016.