Born in Milan in 1972, Daniele Duella abandoned conventional studies at the early age of 13 to start his photographic career. After a decade working with Iango Henzi as the duo Daniele+Iango, Daniele has now launched his solo career, living between Paris and Los Angeles.

Daniele’s pictures are both modern and timeless. His work is highly recognizable due to his “Iconic” style. An uncompromising perfectionist with a discerning eye for detail, his work reflects a quest for the aesthetic absolute, graphic precision and extreme refinement. The accurateness created through form and sculptural lighting style comes from his admiration of the Italian Renaissance.

The use of light with chiaroscuro compositions creates texture and depth with a dramatic aspect often found in the work of painters such as Caravaggio. Despite this underlying classicism of his compositions, Daniele’s photos remain indisputably contemporary. He has collaborated with painters, especially with the French painter and sculptor Philippe Pasqua.

Daniele has been published in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Interview, V Magazine, Visionaire, i-D, Dazed & Confused, Another Magazine and The Economist. He has shot advertising campaigns for Givenchy, Tom Ford, Versace Jeans and Versus, Cartier, Pinko, Plein Sud and John Frieda. Among his several exhibitions in Paris, most of them at Arums Gallery, his last personal presentation was “The Modern Muses” at Colette.